The “next big reveal” is coming on 30th June.

Developers Harmonix and NCSOFT have revealed another 15 songs that will be included in their upcoming interactive music game Fuser.

The game’s tracklisting now includes the following artists and their respective tracks:

Fuser allows players to “seamlessly blend vocals, bass lines, and other instrumentation from a multitude of different music genres and artists” to effectively come up with their own mash-ups, according to the press release that accompanied the game’s announcement back in February. No peripheral controllers are required to play the game.

16 songs were revealed as part of the initial announcement, which along with these new ones, bring the total number of unveiled tracks to 31. The game promises to eventually have over 100 songs for players to utilise.

A couple of work in progress gameplay videos have been embedded on Fuser’s website.

The game’s official Twitter account put out a tweet revealing that the “next big reveal” is coming on 30th June.

Fuser is currently scheduled for release this autumn for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.