Coming this autumn.

Harmonix, the developer behind the Dance Central and Rock Band rhythm game series, has announced its next take on the interactive music game genre in Fuser.

The developer-publisher has partnered with NCSOFT – the South Korean developer that created the massively multiplayer online role-playing games Aion: The Tower of Eternity and Blade & Soul – to develop a music remixing game wherein players can fuse elements from different songs together in order to create their own mash-ups.

No peripheral controllers are required as players “seamlessly blend vocals, bass lines, and other instrumentation from a multitude of different music genres and artists to define their own unique sound,” as described in a press release.

Watch the announcement trailer for Fuser (embedded below).

So far, 16 tracks have been confirmed to be featured in Fuser, with plans to include over 100 in due time. The announced tracks, to date, are:

“Music today is an experience,” said Steve Janiak, CEO at Harmonix. “It’s not just people listening to albums any more – it’s recording and sharing videos of you singing along to your favourite songs, watching your favourite bands play at festivals, and sharing hit music with your friends.”

In a short gameplay video (embedded below), elements from various songs can be seen selected and mixed in a ‘drag and drop’ manner.

“When we first saw Fuser, we instantly knew it was something special,” said Dr. Songyee Yoon, CEO at NCSOFT. “It takes the amazing developer pedigree that Harmonix has developed over decades and distils the essence of creating, listening to, and sharing music where every player can be their own star. We can’t wait to see all the creations people will make.”

The game features various game modes including Campaign Play wherein challenges and new content can be unlocked, Multiplayer where players can collaborate or compete against each other online, and Freestyle Play which allows players to create mixes and custom effects.

User-created mixes can be shared with each other in-game and online.

Fuser is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows this autumn.