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Endorsements and sponsored links

If a service, product, company, etc. is financially endorsed by Gaming Audio News, this will be made explicitly clear.

Sometimes we include links in our articles for citation, additional context, and information, etc. These are not sponsored unless explicitly stated so.

Article corrections

Amendments to articles (non-typos) will include an indication that it has been edited since publication and why it was amended.

Article comments

Comments that contain spam or suspicious links to web pages will be removed. These include links to piracy websites, clone websites, etc.

Email addresses

When submitting your email address to Gaming Audio News, it will only be used to send out notifications when new posts have been published.


If a product (physical and/or digital) has been supplied to Gaming Audio News for preview/review purposes, this will be explicitly disclosed in the article. Our reviews will always be the opinions of the author and will never be influenced by developers, publishers, manufacturers, etc.

Our reviews are not graded by a letter, scored with a number, or rated with a percentage; we think it’s important that reviews don’t get reduced to an arbitrary mark. If the score is omitted, the review stays intact; if the review is taken away, the score is meaningless. So let’s keep what’s useful and discard what’s useless.

This page was last updated on 30th August, 2020.

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