Plays an arranged version of the Grandia main theme.

Alongside the Grandia Memorial Soundtrack vinyl collection, music label Wayô Records is also releasing a limited-edition music box that plays the main theme to the 1997 role-playing game Grandia.

The collectable Grandia Music Box is made of maple and sapele wood and measures 110mm (length) x 110mm (width) x 65mm (height). The top of the lid features a ‘Stone Spirit’ marquetry design with two angels in the foreground.

A 30-second loop of the Grandia main theme has been arranged by the game’s composer Noriyuki Iwadare specifically for this music box. As part of this release, a printed score will also be included which has been signed by the composer.

This special music box is limited to 250 units and can be pre-ordered from the Wayô Records online store with shipping expected this summer.