The Life Force: Salamander colourway is an EU exclusive.

Music label Black Screen Records has added a couple of new distributed releases to its range of video game soundtracks.

First up is the Life Force: Salamander soundtrack vinyl which has been pressed on a gold/purple split with white splatter coloured disc. This colourway is an EU exclusive and can be pre-ordered now from the Black Screen Records website with shipping in April.

Two versions of the soundtrack to the 1986 side-scrolling shoot ’em up have been pressed on vinyl for this release. Side A contains the Nintendo Entertainment System version of the soundtrack while side B has the Konami SCC-enhanced MSX version.

Debug Records recently announced its own exclusive ‘Salamander Green’ colourway while the original Ship to Shore Phono Co. release comprises two variants: ‘Splatter’ and ‘Clear’.

The other addition to Black Screen Records’ catalogue is the OutRun soundtrack on ‘Mint Green’ coloured vinyl.

This album comes with three interchangeable covers and liner notes from composer and SEGA Sound Team member Hiroshi Kawaguchi; pre-orders are available now from the Black Screen Records website with shipping expected in July.

Tracks have been sourced from the 1986 arcade release as well as three bonus tracks from the SEGA Mega Drive and Nintendo 3DS ports of the game.

The OutRun soundtrack was originally released on vinyl in 2016 and the album’s repress was announced earlier this month by music label Data Discs.