Pre-orders available now.

Survival-horror game Resident Evil Village will be out later this week while its soundtrack is getting ready for a physical release next week, in Japan at least.

The Resident Evil Village soundtrack CD comprises 25 tracks of music by composer Shusaku Uchiyama (Mega Man 8, Devil May Cry 4, and Resident Evil 2). The album includes the game’s main theme song “Yearning for Dark Shadows”.

This soundtrack CD will be released in Japan on 12th May with pre-orders available now from the Capcom online shop as well as retailer Amazon. (The Japanese Amazon listing also indicates a limited edition although this is currently not in stock.)

Fans outside of Japan can also import the soundtrack CD via online retailer Playasia with shipping expected on 17th May.

Resident Evil Village is the eighth numbered entry in the long-running Resident Evil series; the game is developed and published by Capcom and will be released on 7th May for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows, and Stadia.

The game comes with online-only multiplayer game Resident Evil Re:Verse. The Mercenaries also makes a return as an additional game mode which will be accessible after players finish the main game.

This article was updated at 11:18 BST on 3rd May to include the mention of Resident Evil Re:Verse.