Eight soundtrack albums newly added.

Developer and publisher Capcom has added eight new video game soundtracks to the Steam platform.

The Vergil soundtrack to Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition comprises 16 tracks of music related to the playable DLC character, including battle themes and a variety of tunes from the expanded 2020 action-adventure game.

The soundtracks to the 1999 action-adventure, survival game Dino Crisis and its 2000 sequel Dino Crisis 2 are also now available to purchase on Steam.

And lastly, the soundtrack to the 2006 action-adventure game Ōkami has been split into five volumes, all of which also now available from Steam.

Songs will have lyrics embedded in the tracks’ metadata.

These new additions bring the current total of Capcom video game soundtrack albums on Valve’s digital distribution platform to 65 – these include soundtracks to long-running series such as Mega Man, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Breath of Fire.

Capcom soundtracks are also available from other digital platforms including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes, and Spotify.