Join the Pac 2-CD album comprises 82 tracks of music and sound effects.

In celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Pac-Man franchise, production company iam8bit is stocking an exclusive Japanese import of the double-CD album Join the Pac.

The album contains 82 tracks of original music and remixes from the 1980 arcade maze game Pac-Man, the 1982 sequel Super Pac-Man, the 1983 follow-up Pac & Pal, and the 1987 instalment Pac-Mania as well as recordings of in-game sound effects.

This 2-CD release collectively features music by DJ-producer Ken Ishii, former member of Deee-Lite and producer Towa Tei, hip-hop group Scha Dara Parr, rock band Buffalo Daughter, electronic music group Pasocom Music Club, producer sasakure.UK, music trio DiAN, producer Takeshi Nakatsuka, and Power-Pill (the DJ-producer also known as AFX and Aphex Twin) among others.

Join the Pac features album artwork by graphic design studio The Designers Republic; pre-orders are available now from the iam8bit online store.

This double-CD release is part of iam8bit’s Black Friday sale which is up and running now and ends at 23:59 PST on 30th November (07:59 GMT on 1st December).

The Join the Pac 7″ single, originally a Record Store Day exclusive, is still available for purchase from iam8bit at the time of writing.