Only 250 copies available.

The soundtrack to the 2017 adventure platformer Alwa’s Awakening is releasing on coloured vinyl.

Alwa’s Awakening is a throwback to the 8-bit era with its metroidvania gameplay mechanics and pixel art style.

The game’s soundtrack, composed by Robert Kreese, comprises 25 tracks of chiptune music – all of which have been pressed on a green vinyl disc. The track “Vicar” is produced by fellow chiptune musician and pianist Prof.Sakamoto.

The Alwa’s Awakening soundtrack vinyl is available now for purchase from the Thunderful Publishing online store; this is a limited release with only 250 copies available. This vinyl album also comes with a download of the full digital soundtrack.

Alwa’s Awakening is developed and published by Elden Pixels for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, macOS, and Windows.