Five tracks reimagined with a synthwave approach.

Saxophonist and arranger Sean Schafianski has released an EP that pays tribute to the music of action role-playing game NieR.

NieR was released in 2010 as NieR Gestalt in Japan for Xbox 360, whereas an alternative version of the game was released as NieR Replicant for PlayStation 3. The original soundtrack was composed by music production company MONACA, led by series composer Keiichi Okabe.

Transience: A NieR Synthwave Tribute comprises five tracks that have been reinterpreted with a retro, synthwave sound complimented with saxophone solos.

The five-track EP is available now to purchase from iTunes and can also be streamed from Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, and YouTube.

“This EP embraces the 1980s aesthetic and reimagines the original tracks in new ways,” said Schafianski via a press release. “This is also my first foray into synthwave, as I have never tackled this genre before; but I believe this venture outside of my comfort zone paid off. I hope everyone enjoys this EP as much as I did making it!”

Schafianski has produced, performed, and arranged tracks on a number of tribute and arrangement albums including Jazz Arrange Version: Final Fantasy IV, Chamber Works: NieR Automata, and FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute.

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, it was announced that an updated version of NieR Replicant will be releasing on 23rd April, 2021. The White Snow Edition of the game will include a 2-CD soundtrack among other collectable items.