From BattleTech composer Jon Everist.

Upcoming sci-fi tactical first-person shooter Disintegration is set for release next week and in the lead-up to its launch, the game’s main theme music has been released across major digital platforms.

The soundtrack to Disintegration is composed by Jon Everist, who also composed the music for turn-based tactical role-playing game Shadowrun: Hong Kong, rogue-lite action-adventure game Necropolis, and turn-based tactical combat game BattleTech.

Disintegration is set in the near future when mankind finds itself on the brink of extinction. Turning to technology and a process called ‘Integration’, wherein the human brain is surgically transplanted into a robotic armature, the human race must fight for survival against a power-mad enemy force known as the Rayonne.

The game’s development is led by Marcus Lehto – co-creator of the Halo series and former Creative Director at Bungie.

“When we started working with Jon, the main theme was the first piece we tackled as it would set the tone and character of the rest of Disintegration‘s music,” said Jack Menhorn, Audio Lead at V1 Interactive. “There was so much to get right with this piece: the ‘earworm’ melody that people would remember, the struggle and eventual heroic victory of our characters, as well as the general vibe of the game we were still figuring out ourselves.

“Jon has nailed each of these criteria masterfully and went on to do the same with all of the music in the game,” Menhorn said.

A behind-the-scenes music video for the Disintegration main theme has been uploaded onto Everist’s YouTube channel (embedded below). The video includes clips of gameplay mixed with footage taken from the soundtrack recording process with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra.

“I wanted to capture both the fragility and hopefulness of the human spirit,” said composer Everist. “The solo piano motif propels the piece to a crescendo with the rest of the orchestra where our heroic theme is revealed, representing the power and ingenuity of humanity coming together for a common good. This is the theme of the resistance.”

The Disintegration main theme can be purchased from Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play; the track can also be streamed from services including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and YouTube.

Menhorn added: “What I love the most about the main theme, is the story it tells within itself; from a humble, forlorn melody that builds into a tense, dangerous mood of conflict and then rises above to a commanding statement of the main melody.

“The piece continues with its own ups and downs, returning to the melodies with different states of conflict and hope,” he said. “This excellently mirrors the narrative and is a testament to how masterfully the music gels with what we the team at V1 Interactive have cooked up.”

Disintegration is developed by V1 Interactive and published by Private Division (a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software). The game is set for release on 16th June for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.