Additional music for Space Haven to be released in the coming months.

Last week saw the early access release of spaceship colony simulation game Space Haven and alongside the game, its soundtrack is also available from various digital platforms.

Space Haven is developed by Bugbyte and tasks players with building spaceships as they leave a ravaged and dying Earth and head towards the stars. To explore the universe means being able to keep the crew happy as well as encountering other venturing groups in outer space.

The game employs role-playing elements allowing players to conduct themselves however they see fit – whether it’s capturing slaves, hunting aliens, fighting pirates, or coming to the aid of civilians, players will have the choice to essentially be good or bad.

The soundtrack, composed by Paul Zimmermann, consists of 17 tracks of ambient and chilled electronica. The atmospheric compositions feature synthesisers and performances by singer-songwriter Scalefin (one half of music duo Kikoto). A lyric video for “To the Moon” has been embedded below.

The Space Haven soundtrack is available now for purchase from Bandcamp and iTunes and can also be streamed from Spotify and YouTube; it is currently trending in the Steam soundtrack section and is one of the top sellers at the time of writing.

The soundtrack is Zimmermann’s first official album release, whose credits include writing music for games such as The Hunt: Primeval Future, Aiyana, and Caveblazers. More music for Space Haven is in the works and should be released in the coming  months.

Space Haven is available now via early access for Linux, macOS, and Windows.