Remix album now digitally available.

The remix community at Pixel Mixers have collaborated with video game music blog GameGrooves in releasing a special album to raise money for children’s charitable organisation Child’s Play.

Heroes features various themes from numerous video games that have been covered and remixed, including such titles as Ōkami, The Legend of Zelda, Crash Bandocoot 2, Celeste, Sonic Lost World, Banjo-Kazooie, and Shovel Knight.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

  • Jump Up, Super Star! (Super Mario Odyssey)
    by Earth Kid, Pixel Mixers, GameGrooves, Mini Kid, Jorito
  • Spiral Mountain (Banjo-Kazooie)
    by RichGC, Pixel Mixers, GameGrooves, Prjzcalavera, Dewey Newt, Dacian Grada, Kain White
  • The Woods of Light (Rayman 2)
    by Dacian Grada, Pixels Mixers, GameGrooves, Prjzcalavera
  • Route 1 (Pokémon Red & Blue)
    by Torby Brand, Pixel Mixers, GameGrooves
  • Theme of the Celestials (Ōkami)
    by Tremendouz, Pixel Mixers, GameGrooves, GuitarSVD, GamerOfTheWinds, Earth Kid, Chromatic Apparatus
  • Heart of the Mountain (Celeste)
    by Danilo Ciaffi, GameGrooves, Pixel Mixers, Justin Thornburgh
  • Main Theme (Shovel Knight)
    by 2 Players for Life, GameGrooves, Pixel Mixers, Leo Miyata
  • Overworld (The Legend of Zelda)
    by Densle, GameGrooves, Pixel Mixers
  • Butter Building (Kirby’s Adventure)
    by DS Music, Pixel Mixers, GameGrooves
  • Turtle Woods (Crash Bandicoot 2)
    by Jorito, GameGrooves, Pixel Mixers
  • Forbidden Jungle Temple (Jak and Daxter)
    by GuitarSVD, GameGrooves, Pixel Mixers, Chromatic Apparatus
  • Forest Interlude (Donkey Kong Country 2)
    by Fredrik Häthén, GameGrooves, Pixel Mixers, ETHEReal String Orchestra
  • Opening Theme (Mega Man 2)
    by Justin Thornburgh, Pixel Mixers, GameGrooves
  • Windy Hill (Sonic Lost World)
    by Rexy, GameGrooves, Pixel Mixers
  • Undertale (Undertale)
    by Sir Telias, Pixel Mixers, GameGrooves

Artists including Earth Kid, Jorito, GuitarSVD, and the ETHEReal String Orchestra have contributed to a 15-track album comprising rock, electronic, and symphonic arrangements.

Heroes has just been released digitally; the album can be purchased from iTunes and can be streamed from Spotify and YouTube.