Composed by Eli Rainsberry.

Music label Ship to Shore Phono Co. has announced the electronic soundtrack to puzzle game Wilmot’s Warehouse is available now to pre-order from its online store.

The soundtrack, composed by Eli Rainsberry, has been pressed on a black vinyl disc and contains all 14 tracks of music.

The Wilmot’s Warehouse soundtrack LP can be pre-ordered from the Ship to Shore Phono Co. website and comes with a download code for the digital album.

The soundtrack is already available from digital outlets including Bandcamp from which the vinyl can also be ordered with shipping expected around 25th May. Other platforms include Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

Wilmot’s Warehouse is co-developed by Richard Hogg and Hollow Ponds and published by Finji for Nintendo Switch, macOS, and Windows.