2 Mello with the funky hip-hop.

Music label Ship to Shore Phono Co. has announced 2 Mello‘s tribute album to the Jet Set Radio graffiti-themed action series is getting a repress.

This time around, Memories of Tokyo-to has been pressed on a ‘neon green’ vinyl disc and can be pre-ordered from the label’s website; the album is expected to ship in March.

The LP comprises 17 track of funky hip-hop and is inspired by the original video game soundtracks predominantly composed by Hideki Naganuma.

Alternatively, the vinyl can be purchased from 2 Mello’s Bandcamp page. The cassette edition is also currently still available from both outlets.

“I think that this album is the most true to myself I have been since I started making music, and I hope that you all enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed making it,” he said.

As a music producer and sound designer, 2 Mello has previously worked on titles including the four-player fighting game Cerebrawl, 2D adventure Later Alligator, and interactive visual novel If Found…