Challenges and teamwork.

As a nod to Resident Evil 2s first anniversary, key members of the Capcom development team share stories and insights about bringing a remake of the survival-horror game to a contemporary audience.

Composer Shusaku Uchiyama spoke briefly about the balancing act that was creating something that could remind players of the original iteration, from an audio sense, as well as sounding modern and indicative of a game that’s two decades removed from the 1998 original.

“The issue of how to create sound design and music that would both be modern and fitting for a new game in 2019, and also bring to mind the sound of a game released 20 years ago, was a tough one, but it was also a fun and rewarding experience to tackle that challenge together as a team,” Uciyama said.

Resident Evil 2 was nominated in and won the ‘Best Audio’ category at the Golden Joystick Awards 2019; the game was also awarded the ‘Ultimate Game of the Year’ critics’ choice award.

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