Two tracks this week.

Rock Band 4s downloadable content update for this week comprises two songs by a couple of American rock bands: one by Jimmy Eat World and the other by The Summer Set.

The following tracks will be available from 23rd January:

  • Jimmy Eat World – “All the Way (Stay)” *
  • The Summer Set – “Chelsea”

* Part of the Rock Band Rivals Season 15 Spotlight Pass.

The descriptions below are taken from this week’s release notes:

Jimmy Eat World is no stranger to Rock Band, with songs appearing as far back as the Rock Band 2 disc. And we’re keeping it going, adding the lead single, “All the Way (Stay)”, from their tenth album Surviving to RB4 this week! It’s their best reviewed release of the ‘10s, and it’s no wonder with songs like “All the Way (Stay)”. Every instrument gets its moment, with quiet parts bringing out the bass, big guitar riffs, and a thumping drum pattern.

You can also expect to see “Chelsea”, The Summer Set’s most popular song, added to RB4. “Chelsea” will make you think of (or appreciate your current) warmer weather with its infectious hooks and high energy. Every part picks up in the chorus, so your band can coordinate Overdrive with it and earn points super fast!

To get a better idea of the songs’ pacing and structure, watch the latest DLC trailer embedded below.

Rock Band 4 is developed and published by Harmonix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.