Selected by UnitedMasters founder Steve Stoute and 12-year NBA veteran Kevin Durant.

Following the call for up-and-coming artists to submit their music in a contest organised by distributor UnitedMasters, 10 new additions have been made to the soundtrack to basketball game NBA 2K20.

The global competition apparently received over 10,000 submissions which got whittled down to a selection of 25 by UnitedMasters founder and CEO Steve Stoute along with Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant. Out of that list, the following 10 artists and their respective tracks have been announced as the winners:

  • 570JV – “My Soul”
  • Anonymuz – “Rockstar”
  • AkinG Kalld Pedro – “Traffic Jam”
  • Bravo – “Diamonds”
  • Fourtee – “Diamonds”
  • Lee Bezel – “Big Duffy”
  • Q – “I Might Slip Away If I Don’t Feel Nothing”
  • Quantrelle – “Momentum”
  • Rif – “Kites”
  • Swoosh God – “Just Do It”

A behind-the-scenes video titled “Next is Us” (embedded below) shows glimpses of the selection process with various artists expressing their thoughts and opinions on being included in the NBA 2K20 soundtrack.

“We’re very proud to work with such a culturally significant and influential game like NBA 2K to showcase these artists and can’t wait for the millions of gamers to hear the next generation of music talent,” Stoute said.

The soundtrack to NBA 2K20 will be continually updated with new music in the coming months. The official playlist can be found on Spotify here.

NBA 2K20 is developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Google Stadia.