Available exclusively from Fangamer.

Merchandise company Fangamer has unveiled the Silent Hill double-vinyl soundtrack in a set of new colours which can now be pre-ordered exclusively from its website.

Composed by Akira Yamaoka, the man behind the music to several titles in the Silent Hill survival-horror series and who served as executive producer and composer of the 2006 live-action Silent Hill film, the Silent Hill video game soundtrack has been pressed on two vinyl discs: one brown and one blue.

The brown and blue colours are inspired by the in-game characters Harry Mason and Cybil Bennett, respectively. This two-colour release is different to the editions that were previously sold by Mondo.

This Silent Hill double-vinyl soundtrack contains 41 tracks of music with album artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly.

For the full tracklisting as well as additional product photos, visit the Fangamer website where pre-orders are open now. Shipping is expected in mid-August.

There are only 500 copies of this limited edition available.

This article was updated on 25th July.