Limited edition already sold out, standard variant still available.

The soundtrack to 2015’s FromSoftware-developed action role-playing game Bloodborne has been pressed on vinyl and is due to be released towards the end of September.

The Bloodborne soundtrack has been pressed on two black 180g vinyl discs, comes with a 12″ double-sided poster, and is housed in a double gatefold sleeve with matte lamination and gold foil.

The limited edition ‘Grim Green’ variant has proven to be extremely popular as it’s already sold out, but the standard black edition is still available to pre-order from the Laced Records website.

At four tracks short of the full 25, the Bloodborne double-vinyl soundtrack is a mixture of energetic and down-tempo orchestral and choral tracks, featuring artists such as Nobuyoshi Suzuki of Dark Souls III and Super Mario Odyssey, Michael Wandmacher of Twisted Metal and Singularity, Ryan Amon of Assassin’s Creed Unity, Tsukasa Saitoh of Dark Souls III and Armored Core V, and Yuka Kitamura of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Déraciné.


Side A:
The Night Unfurls
Hunter’s Dream
The Hunter
Cleric Beast
Blood-Starved Beast

Side B:
Hail the Nightmare
The Witch of Hemwick
Rom, the Vacuous Spider

Side C:
Moonlit Melody
The One Reborn
Micolash, Nightmare Host
Soothing Hymm

Side D:
Celestial Emissary
Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
The First Hunter
Moon Essence