The limited 2-CD edition ships next month.

Just a few days out from Elsinores release, music label Materia Collective has announced that the soundtrack to the time-looping adventure game is available now from major digital outlets.

Elsinore is set in the Shakespearean world of Hamlet and centres on a Danish noblewoman called Ophelia. Opehlia has had a horrifying vision in her sleep in which the residents of Elsinore castle all die within the next four days. When she wakes up, Ophelia finds herself stuck in a time-loop, forced to relive the same four days over and over.

Players must find a way to prevent the disaster from happening as they tackle the game’s dynamic narrative by making decisions which affect Elsinore’s storyline.

Prolific songwriter, arranger, and composer Adam Gubman has crafted nearly two hours of folk-style music across 52 tracks for Elsinore. Aside from composing music for video games, Gubman has also contributed music to Disney Parks as well as composing for numerous films and TV shows.

The soundtrack to Elsinore is available now from digital outlets such as Amazon Music, Bandcamp, and Google Play, while streaming alternatives include Deezer and Spotify.

Elsinore soundtrack CD
The Elsinore soundtrack spread across 2 CDs. (Picture credit: Materia Collective.)

A premium 2-CD digipak limited edition is also available from the Bandcamp page. This physical release includes the digital soundtrack and is expected to ship in August.

Developed and published by Golden Glitch Studios, Elsinore will be released on 22nd July for Linux, macOS, and Windows.