A collection of nine remixes and arrangements.

An exclusive EU variant of the Celeste B-Sides vinyl release can be pre-ordered now from music label Black Screen Records.

This edition of the album doesn’t include the flexi disc that ships with orders made on the Ship to Shore website, however, it does come in an exclusive colourway: clear vinyl with a purple blob design.

Celeste B-Sides comprises remixes and arrangements of the Celeste soundtrack by Lena Raine.


  • Maxo – “Forsaken City (Sever the Skyline Mix)”
  • Ben Prunty – “Old Site (Black Moonrise Mix)”
  • Christa Mix – “Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix)”
  • In Love With A Ghost – “Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix)”
  • 2 Mello – “Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix)”
  • Jukio Kallio – “Reflection “Center of the Earth Mix)”
  • Kuraine – “Summit (No More Running Mix)”
  • Matthewせいじ – “The Core (Say Goodbye Mix)”
  • Lena Raine – “Area 1 Demo (Bonus)”

The vinyl jacket is printed on metallic stock, giving it a shimmering effect; the album features artwork by Drew Wise.

Celeste B-Sides is expected to ship from Black Screen Records by early August.

Developed by Matt Makes Games, Celeste is a 2018 platform game available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, macOS, and Windows.