A ‘cinematic action experience’ from Human Head Studios and Square Enix.

A new video feature called Who is The Quiet Man? takes a behind-the-scenes look at the game’s initial conception, the decision to mix live action with CGI, and the sound design that goes into making a ‘soundless’ game.

In The Quiet Man, players take on the role of Dane, the central character with no sense of hearing, as he attempts to uncover the motives behind the kidnapping of Lala the singer.

Scenario writer Joe Kelly of writer collective Man of Action Entertainment said of the game, “Tonally you have all the trappings of a good noir crime thriller. [It’s a] very cinematic experience with dialogue that you can’t hear, done through the perspective of our protagonist Dane who’s deaf.”

He added, “When [producer Kensei Fujinaga] originally pitched a soundless video game, which was the very first sort of iteration, this was just such a thrilling concept.

“It’s obviously evolved to include more sound design but the basic heart of it is still there.”

Kelly also noted that The Quiet Man forces the player into a “completely different state of mind” compared to other games due to Dane’s inability to hear.

“We’re so used to, if anything, sensory overload,” said Kelly. “Surround sound… and I’m listening for people sneaking up behind me, all the things I’m used to doing in a game – that’s gone.

“There’s still sound design to the game though, which is used in a very, very clever way. When somebody’s speaking to Dane, there’s these melodies, these like ethereal sounds that come through to let you know he’s understanding what’s happening.”

The soundtrack to The Quiet Man features an original song by award-winning singer-songwriter Imogen Heap called “The Quiet.”

“The simple idea: putting myself in the place of a character who I have very little understanding of a world without hearing, because my world is all about hearing,” explained Heap. “That really drew me into the project.”

She added, “In my normal production space I’m used to layering on tons of sounds. In many ways it’s a way to cover up that you’re not quite happy with something – so more layers, more layers, more layers. So actually having this kind of limitation in the scope of sound, I really enjoyed working in that space.”

Watch the Who is The Quiet Man? video feature in its entirety to see what else went into making the game look the way it does, including the decision to shoot the live action scenes in Sofia, Bulgaria, how the game’s fighting mechanics were inspired by Muay Thai-heavy films like Ong Bak, and The Raid, and also find out how action director Tatsuro Koike of the Yakuza series expanded his initial role in the development of the game.

The Quiet Man will be released digitally on 1st November for PlayStation 4 and Windows (Steam).

A free patch, titled The Quiet Man – Answered, will be rolled out a week after the game’s release which will allow players to play through the game again with sound and voices.