Relisted on Steam, Xbox Games Store “very soon!”

Psychological action-thriller game Alan Wake is back on sale after it was pulled from stores last year, Remedy Entertainment has announced.

The game was removed from sale in May 2017 after music licenses had expired.

Alan Wake can now be purchased from Steam again, with “other digital platforms to follow,” thanks to publisher Microsoft Studios renegotiating the rights to the licensed music.

“Good News,” posted Remedy Entertainment on Twitter. “Alan Wake is back on Steam.”

The developer added, “Big thanks to our partner and Alan Wake’s publishers [Microsoft] who were able to renegotiate the rights to the licensed music in Alan Wake, so that the game can be sold again.”

As for the game’s soundtrack, the “music’s all in there! Nothing has changed.”

Although Alan Wake is available again through Steam, Xbox Game Store users will have to wait a bit longer.

“It’ll be back on Xbox,” said Remedy Entertainment. “When? Very soon! That’s all we can say for now.”