“The Quiet” will feature on the game’s soundtrack.

Publisher Square Enix has announced that award-winning singer-songwriter Imogen Heap will have an original song, “The Quiet,” on the soundtrack to upcoming story-driven action game The Quiet Man.

Developed by Human Head Studios, The Quiet Man is a cinematic experience that looks to blend live action with computer-generated visuals.

The story takes place in a single night as players take on the role of a deaf protagonist, Dane, as he attempts to discover the secrets behind the kidnapping of singer Lala.

Heap recently sat down for an interview with Square Enix in her studio and described the feelings she experienced when she received the handwritten letter sent to her, inviting her to write ‘the most beautiful song she had ever written in her entire life’ for The Quiet Man.

“So about a year and a half ago, I received your beautiful letter – handwritten letter, very nice handwriting – and was really overwhelmed,” explained Heap. “We just never receive handwritten letters at all, ever – very, very rarely – so when you do get one it makes a real impact, first of all.

“And then secondly, the words in the letter made me very emotional, made me feel very special, actually. Wow, somebody’s gone through the time and they really passionately feel – whoever this man is – feels I’m the person for this creation of his. And so I felt like I should, I must do this.”

Noting that it wasn’t just the nice letter that convinced her to be a part of the project, Heap explained that it was also the concept of placing herself in the protagonist’s position of being in a world without the sense of hearing and how to “feel that space”.

“I really love the lyrics [to The Quiet.] I worked really hard on the lyrics but I wasn’t toiling over them for days and days. I found a nice space there and because it came from such a genuine place – from you – it felt like it flowed very nicely.”

For inspiration, Heap was also sent videos of patients with cochlear implants, hearing more than they previously could, and the goal was to emulate that “sense of awe” when the player can hear these new sounds that they couldn’t before.

The Quiet Man is scheduled for a digital release on 1st November for PlayStation 4 and Steam (Windows).