The continuation of the Remastered Tracks series.

Arranger Sean Schafianski has released a new tribute album that puts a new spin on the music to the Square-developed role-playing game Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (also known as Mystic Quest Legend).

The soundtrack to Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, composed by Ryuji Sasai and Yasuhiro Kawakami, has been reinterpreted in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Remastered Soundtrack, which is available now from Bandcamp, iTunes/Apple Music, and Spotify.

“The soundtrack to Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is a cult classic,” said Schafianski. “The blend of rock, jazz, and delightfully cheesy synths was probably the best part of the game!”

He added, “As with the rest of the ‘Remastered Tracks‘ series, I wanted to stay as true to the original as possible, while still adding in some flair for a modern twist. Performers sometimes took the liberty of a solo here and there, but for the most part, this is the same soundtrack that we all fell in love with.”

Previous releases in the Remastered Tracks series include arrangement albums of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VI, Breath of Fire III, and Secret of Evermore.