From recording locations to 3D audio output.

In the fourth instalment of the Battlefield V Dev Talks video series, EA DICE developers talk about the audio design of the upcoming first-person shooter.

When asked about the soundscape in Battlefield V, senior audio director Bence Pajor said, “… it has always been about immersing the player completely and we’ve just been trying to get closer and closer and closer to that… so since we’re making a war game, we want people to feel how that sounds…”

Lead audio designer Andreas Alström added, “… one of the base points that we set out early was ‘get more dynamics in the game’ and work more with dynamics as like an overall thing – to play the quieter sounds even quieter and to allow for the really loud sounds to penetrate… ”

Recording sessions for weapon sound effects were performed indoors as well as outdoors. Locales such as forests, urban alleys, urban cityscapes, deserts, wooden buildings, and concrete buildings were utilised in order to capture believable echoes when firing weapons in-game.

Watch the developer talk in its entirety to find out how the sound team recorded a V1 rocket, and how support for 3D headphones is now included in Battlefield V.

Battlefield V will be released on 20th November for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.