Original soundtrack by Johnny Frizz.

Eight years after the release of the original Beat Hazard, indie developer Cold Beam Games has rolled out the sequel to the music-powered twin-stick shooter.

Available now through Steam Early Access, Beat Hazard 2 features procedually-generated boss ships, and through gameplay that’s powered by the player’s own music, tracks will create unique enemy ships to shoot down.

An ‘Open Mic’ system can access music from streaming services such as Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify.

There’s also an integrated internet radio station system via broadcast service SHOUTcast, giving players access to thousands of stations from all over the world.

Aside from utilising music from the player’s own library, Beat Hazard 2 features a new original soundtrack by Johnny Frizz, who also contributed to the soundtrack of the first Beat Hazard.

Developed and published by Cold Beam Games, Beat Hazard 2 is available now for Windows through Steam Early Access, with a full release scheduled for Q2 2019.