Virtual instruments and a singing cat.

Mobile developer Gismart has released the follow-up to its virtual instrument app Piano.

Inspired by its 2016 predecessor, Piano Crush is a casual rhythm game that features over 50 instruments, including a digital piano keyboard, organ, accordion, electric guitar, music box, Christmas bells, animal noises such as a singing cat, and other unconventional sounds.

Gameplay mechanics should be familiar to those who have played rhythm games before. Piano Crush features a catalogue of recognisable compositions to play from, including the “Happy Birthday” song, Beethoven’s “Symphony #5,” and “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals.

There’s over 300 melodies to choose from, with new songs being added to the library.

Gismart product manager Eugene Krylov said, “Piano Crush is the latest addition to our music entertainment products. The game closely simulates a piano playing experience and has an additional fun factor with a library of fun sounds. We hope players will enjoy playing the best of classical repertoire using “kids’ choir” piano sounds and we fully welcome players’ suggestions about new sounds they’d like to see in the game!”

Piano Crush is available for free now, with in-app purchases, on Android and iOS.