Plus two new perks and balancing changes.

A ‘Chillout’ mode has just been rolled out for the twin-stick shooter game Beat Hazard 2, along with a couple of new scoring perks.

Developed by Cold Beam Games, Beat Hazard 2 is powered by the player’s music – in that enemy ships are created by what’s in the player’s music library and bosses are procedurally generated.

The game also includes an original soundtrack composed by Johnny Frizz.

In this new ‘Chillout’ mode players are given infinite lives with no scores being logged and progress will not be saved.

Two scoring perks have also been added to the game: ‘High +5’ and ‘High +10’ will give a slight increase in probabilities of +5 and +10 drops, respectively.

Global ship stats now give insights into how each ship is used by players around the world. The ‘Daredevil’ multiplier has now been returned back to normal with no cool down.

Beat Hazard 2 is available now for Windows through Steam Early Access with a full release scheduled for Q2 2019.