Music from Snowbird Games’ pirate-themed game.

The soundtrack to strategy role-playing game Blood & Gold: Caribbean! is now available to purchase from GOG for owners of the base game.

Developed by Snowbird Games, Blood & Gold: Caribbean! is a reworked version of the original Caribbean game and is an open world RPG set in the pirate age of the 17th Century.

The game’s soundtrack is now available from GOG or alternatively you can buy the nine-track album from Steam (base game required too).

Full tracklisting:

01. Daniil Belov – “Battle theme 1”
02. Vladimir Kochetkov – “Battle theme 2 (AKA ‘Drunken sailor’)”
03. Vladimir Kochetkov – “Battle theme 3 (AKA ‘Drunken sailor’ instrumental)”
04. Sergey Gdanyan – “City”
05. Daniil Berlov – “Latino”
06. Martin Cap – “The Sea, The Ship, and The Sailor”
07. Martin Cap – “Sea battle”
08. Sergey Gdanyan – “Tavern”
09. Vasily Kashnikov – “Sea ambient”