Winner of ‘Best Audio’ at Taipei Game Show 2018.

Developer Joysteak Studios and publisher PQube have announce the release of upcoming musical adventure game Songbird Symphony.

In Songbird Symphony, players take on the role of Birb, an orphaned bird who ends up leaving his adoptive family to set out on a journey to discovery who he truly is.

“Birb’s story is one of adventure and discovery, but one tied to the rhythm of the forest – quite literally,” explained Tan Kang Soon, Joysteak Studios producer and artist. “We set out to make Songbird Symphony as endearing and frankly adorable as we could, but the focus on music-based play also adds a sense of depth that players might not initially be expecting.”

Watch the teaser trailer.

The game world comprises 12 interconnected levels with scores of hidden areas to discover, all presented in a pixel-based graphics style.

When players interact with other characters, in-game music will gain additional layers of beats, enhancing the soundtrack. Singing in time with the soundtrack will add platforms that can be used to progress through a level.

The game won the Best Audio category at Taipei Game Show 2018.

Songbird Symphony is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam (macOS and Windows) in Spring 2019.