Pre-release soundtrack preview available now.

Developer La Moutarde and publisher Playdius have announced that upcoming retro-style rhythm game Old School Musical will be released for PC (Windows) and Nintendo Switch on 13th September.

The game will be a digital release for both formats with pre-orders available now.

Old School Musical takes inspiration from the 8-bit era both in terms of visuals as well as music. Gameplay is influenced by various game genres including racers, side-scrolling shooters, and platform games.

Players can choose to play in a Story Mode, an Arcade Mode where they can challenge friends to reaching highscores, or a Challenge Mode to unlock new music. There’s over 20 levels to play and local multiplayer supports up to four players.

Watch the announcement trailer.

The music in Old School Musical features artists Dubmood, Hello World, Le Plancton, Yponeko, and Zabutom. The soundtrack comprises over 50 chiptune tracks – a pre-release preview of the soundtrack can be listened to on the official SoundCloud page.