A massive 20-disc collection.

FromSoftware has announced that a special collection of Armored Core music will be released in celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary.

The Armored Core Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Box will be available to buy in Japan on 1st November.

The collection includes every piece of music used in the home console games, of which there are 15, as well as the mobile instalments which include four apps. This anniversary box also includes music not found on any previously-released Armored Core soundtrack CD.

Armored Core Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Box features 18 discs containing 394 tracks from the games. There are also two bonus discs containing tracks from Armored Core Verdict Day‘s downloadable content, and remixes that aren’t heard in the games.

Armored Core 20th Anniversary soundtrack box limited edition
(Picture credit: FromSoftware.)

A limited edition of this release comes bundled with an Armored Core-themed CD RECO – a peripheral device manufactured by I-O Data Device that allows the user to import music CDs to their smartphones without needing a computer.

This is a made-to-order product and is exclusively available on the Japanese Amazon website.