A couple of tracks from War Is the Answer.

This week’s Rock Band 4 downloadable content features two tracks from heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch‘s 2009 album War Is the Answer.

The following tracks will be available for purchase from Thursday, 12th July:

  • Five Finger Death Punch – “Burn It Down”
  • Five Finger Death Punch – “Hard To See”

The descriptions below are taken from the release notes:

“Burn It Down” starts the week off, a fan-favorite track off of War Is the Answer, Five Finger Death Punch’s second album. Keeping their momentum going, the album had a strong debut and was certified platinum with over a million US sales. “Burn It Down” is a live staple, being one of the band’s most frequently played songs while touring, and makes for a tough track in Rock Band. The guitar’s verse riff is a HOPO line that the bass matches, with quick strumming opening the choruses. The drums play a bunch of double-kicks, testing your heel-toe technique.

We’re also bringing “Hard to See” to Rock Band 4 this week. “Hard to See” was the first single from War Is the Answer and is one of their strongest singles to date. It was the band’s third top 10 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and also marked their first foray onto Billboard’s Hot Rock Songs chart. Drummers will have busy feet, with dense bass pedal through nearly the whole song. You’ll have to hold that cadence while hitting the fills, creating a great challenge for those developing their limb independence. Guitarists should watch out for the solo, where things are cranked up a notch and you’ll have to manage a stream of HOPOs across all colors.

Tracks can be bought individually and to get an idea of the pace, and structure of this week’s songs you can watch the DLC update video below.