The Steam release includes a Non-Stop Mix mode.

Originally developed for iOS, Android, as well as several arcade machines, Taito’s rhythm game Groove Coaster will be available on Steam from 17th July.

The Steam version includes 36 original tracks from various composers with new ones being released through monthly downloadable content. Artists include Taito’s in-house band ZUNTATA, musical ensemble IOSYS, and producer DJ, Masayoshi Minoshima.

To see and hear the game in action, watch the gameplay trailer below.

A Casual mode features simplified single-handed controls, whereas Arcade mode offers a two-handed, groove-synced full experience. Keyboards and controllers are supported.

Players will be able to decide how the game is displayed with three aspect ratios to choose from (16:9, 4:3, and 1:1) although the widescreen option doesn’t contain a ‘filled’ image, instead it’s a vertical image with black bars on the sides. The screen orientation can also be set to horizontal or vertical.

This Steam version also features a Non-Stop Mix mode, where players can create a playlist of up to 10 songs.

Groove Coaster for Steam will be available for Windows on Steam from 17th July.