A metalcore update.

This week’s downloadable content for Rock Band 4 includes a couple of metalcore songs from Blessthefall, and Miss May I.

The following tracks will be available to purchase from Thursday, 21st June:

  • Blessthefall – “Hey Baby, Here’s The Song You Wanted”
  • Miss May I – “Relentless Chaos”

Taken from the release notes:

“Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted” really is a fitting title for the final single off Blessthefall’s sophomore album Witness. Following up on the success of their debut album, 2009’s Witness placed in the top ten of the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums chart and reaffirmed their place as one of Arizona’s top rock bands. The guitar chart stays on the move, with HOPO runs making up most of the chart. Drums get incredibly fast during the verses, with a disco beat that’ll test anyone.

Miss May I’s “Relentless Chaos”, the second single from their second album Monument, also comes to Rock Band 4 on Thursday. The music video for “Relentless Chaos”, shot in Mansfield Prison, was announced alongside the news of Monument’s release. Marking a further trend up for the band, Monument was an album that hit the Billboard 200 after its predecessor appeared on Top Heatseekers. It’s a heavy song, with a ton of bass pedal on the drums and a HOPO riff running along most of the guitar chart. Vocals swaps a couple times between clean vocals and screaming, so be ready when the chart swaps back to pitched.

Tracks can be bought individually, and to get an idea of the pace and song structure of this week’s DLC, give the gameplay trailer below a watch.