Including another ‘boss song’.

Publishers PM Studios and acttil have shared another four videos showing the various song difficulties in upcoming rhythm game MUSYNX, including a chiptune cover of a classical piece of music.

These gameplay videos include something for beginners and more advanced players, the latter may be interested to know that another ‘boss song’ with an unknown difficulty level has been revealed.

Antonín Dvořák – “Humoresque” | Easy | 4 Keys | Level 2 | Speed 1.0

Araragi Takeshi – “Connect With Heart” | Easy | 4 Keys | Level 4 | Speed 2.0

ATAS – “Shattered Skies” | Hard | 6 Keys | Level 8 | Speed 3.5

Lunatic Sounds – “INFINITY” | Hard | 6 Keys | Level ? | Speed 5.0

MUSYNX will feature over 90 songs to play, with genres ranging from classical music to trance, vocaloid to R&B, and more. Information about downloadable content will also be announced soon.

As mentioned in the features trailer, players will apparently be able to “download free music updates forever.”

MUSYNX will be released physically and digitally on 19th June in North America for the Nintendo Switch. The game will be available digitally on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita too, sharing the same release date as the Switch release. A collaboration with Limited Run Games will see physical editions of MUSYNX on the PlayStation platforms at a later date.

A European release is planned but has yet to be officially announced.