Includes a special box edition.

Music from the NieR games have have been transformed into orchestral arrangements and a variety of CD albums will be released later this year from the Japanese Square Enix e-STORE.

The Nier Gestalt & Nier Replicant Orchestral Arrangement Album contains music from the first NieR game (released in Japan as NieR Gestalt) and its variant NieR RepliCant.

NieR: Automata Orchestral Arrangement Album features music from the more recent instalment NieR: Automata.

A third edition called the NieR Orchestral Arrangement Special Box Edition contains the aforementioned albums, plus a third CD that has arranged music exclusive to this box set.

The recording of the albums have been supervised by series composer Keiichi Okabe. All are available for pre-order now and will be released on 12th September.