What’s his favourite game?

With his debut solo album Black Labyrinth set for release this Friday, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has understandably been doing a fair amount of press promoting it, but recently the vocalist spent some time talking to Scottsquatch, not only about music but his passion for video games too.

Davis’ favourite game of all time? That would be The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

“I remember when it came out I was just amazed at the animation,” said Davis. “The way it looked. The really cool art. The way it was put together. And I love that you can just go and try and find all the weird different little Easter eggs in it. At the time it just blew me away how dope this game was.”

Other topics that were touched on included the earliest games he played, number of Xbox One consoles he owns, type of games he’s currently playing, and then the subject of Cuphead came up which elicited a rather spirited response from Davis:

“Cuphead is fucking hard,” he exclaimed. “Fuck Cuphead. It’s amazing-looking, though. So badass looking. It’s perfect. It’s very challenging, I wished it had a super easy mode just so I could get through to see all the cool shit.”

Davis has had a couple of connections to the video game industry in the past. He composed the eponymous opening track to the official Silent Hill: Downpour soundtrack, which as he revealed, was originally going to be a track on Black Labyrinth.

“It’s actually from [Black Labyrinth] that I was working on at the time,” explained Davis. “So I took that one… and that became the song. I liked the vibe ’cause it was… it fit the Silent Hill vibe. And I got a lot of shit for that because [fans] were pissed that the original composer wasn’t doing it and all these people were talking shit, ‘How the fuck can you have that guy do it?’ I think the majority of people enjoyed it.”

When asked if he were to make a game, what sort it would be, he mentioned the fighting game project he was involved with back in the early 2000s and the sort of game he would make today.

“I tried to make a fighting game, which was cool back in the day, called Pop Scars,” said Davis. “It didn’t work out at the time. I really like side-scrollers. I like little kids games, like Lego Batman, would be something really cool and dark and fun to play. That’s the kind of game I’d like to do – something that takes no fucking thought or skill (laughs).”

With such a keen interest in video games, Davis also spoke about how he’d like to start a new gaming channel, but it seems that may have to wait until the vocalist has less on his proverbial plate.

“I want to make a new gaming channel one day. I’ve been talking about it, everything’s just… I’ve got so much shit going on,” explained Davis. “One day, I will. I’ve been doing the easy kids games but it’s just fun. I enjoy it, man. It’s my escape. It’s music and video games, that’s my shit.”

To watch the full interview, please head over to the Scottsquatch YouTube channel.