Digital and physical release scheduled this Autumn for Nintendo Switch.

Marvelous Europe has announced that motion-controlled rhythm game Gal Metal is getting released outside of Japan and headed to Europe this Autumn.

Developed and published by DMM Games for the Nintendo Switch in Japan, Gal Metal sees players ridding the planet Earth of extraterrestrial invaders with metal music. Each Joy-Con acts as a drumstick as players rack up points by creating their own free-form drumlines. The game also supports the Pro Controller, allowing gamers to choose their input method.

See the game in action below in Marvelous Europe’s double announcement teaser trailer for Gungrave VR and Gal Metal.

Gal Metal will be released digitally and physically in Europe for the Switch this Autumn. For more information, visit the official game page.

Update: XSEED Games will be publishing Gal Metal for the Nintendo Switch in North America this Autumn.