“I learned so much about dancehall and reggae from GTA… “

In an extensive interview with Magnetic Magazine, musician Asaf Borger, known professionally as Borgore spoke about his latest album Adventures in Time, as well as music in video games.

Growing up, Borgore learned a lot about music from gaming. “Soundtracks for video games are important,” he said. “I learned so much about dancehall and reggae from GTA, punk from Tony Hawk.”

While he feels there’s less of that discovery of music in modern gaming, something like Rocket League sticks out to him as an example of a game that’s still pushing out music to people.

Recognising that there’s a time and place for music in games, Borgore added:

“But I don’t see how you’re going to put music into games like Fortnite or PUBG. If you put music for the Final Circle in PUBG, I’ll break my computer. I need to hear who’s killing and where and what’s going on. You can’t put music there.”

When asked if he would like to write music specifically for video games, he theorised what genres would be appropriate for his style and whether he’d prefer using his songs or writing an original score.

“I would love to have my music in a game like PK, FIFA, or something that’s more sports, or a racing game,” said Borgore. “I could also write music to a story mode for a game like Call of Duty. I would rather have my original songs embedded in a video game rather than writing an original score. If I’m already writing a score I’d rather it be for a sick movie.”

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