From retro synthwave to modern electronic.

Italian game studio 34BigThings has announced that two more soundtracks are available now worldwide, in collaboration with Sony Music and distribution company The Orchard.

An official soundtrack to racing game Redout was released last year on iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify, composed by Aram Shahbazians and Nils Iver Holtar.

Now there’s a second volume consisting of 10 tracks that were used for Redout’s DLC expansions – the Space Exploration Pack, and Back to Earth Pack – two of which are previously unpublished remixes.

The Redout (Original Game Soundtrack) Volume 2 is composed by Shahbazians and Paolo Armao. The tracks are a mix of various electronic styles, including genres such as chillstep and breakbeat. You can find the album on iTunes/Apple Music, and Spotify.

Redout is inspired by the old classic racing games like WipEout, F-Zero, Rollcage, and POD. For more information about the game, head over to the official game page.

The other new release is Hyperdrive Massacre (Original Game Soundtrack,) again composed by Shahbazians and Holtar. The 8-song collection features synthwave retro as well as futurepop tracks and is now available from iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.

Hyperdrive Massacre is a multiplayer fragfest inspired by the ’80s and to find out more about it, please visit the official game page.