XP rates and decay numbers are in.

During a recent live stream on its Twitch channel, Harmonix revealed some of the updates that will be making their way to Rock Band Rivals.

The upcoming Rivals Season 6 will be taking a look at the history of Rock Band downloadable content as its central theme; Challenges will be focusing on different time periods of DLC updates.

Certain songs from the Rock Band Network catalogue – the user-generated platform that allowed artists to submit their tracks to be playable in the game – will be returning as DLC for Rock Band 4.

Although it’s technically impossible for Rock Band Network content entitlements to be supported, rights have been secured for Harmonix to release some songs as paid DLC. Players can head over to the Rock Band request page and let Harmonix know which artists and songs they want to see make it to the game.

A couple of changes are also being made to make the game feel less like an exercise in grinding. In an effort to get more players promoted to the middle tiers without dumbing down the experience:

1. We are adjusting the per-song XP values to reward players who play well at higher difficulties. Put differently, players who 5 star a song on Expert will earn substantially more XP than 5 starring that same song on Medium. XP already works that way, but we’re making the difference more dramatic.

2. We are adjusting the promotional thresholds for some of the tiers to complement the XP changes we’re making – we definitely want to make sure that the folks who aren’t playing on Brutal or Expert have a chance for promotion.

To prevent players from feeling like they ought to repeatedly play the same songs to maximise XP gains, XP decay will be going up. Players can only contribute to one Crew during a Challenge. If a player leaves a Crew, they won’t be able to earn Crew XP or submit Spotlight scores until the next Challenge begins.

Posting on the Rock Band subreddit, the Harmonix community manager shared some of the numbers behind the per-song XP rates:

Rock Band per-song XP

… and also the XP decay and how it scales (using a song 3:45 in length):

Rock Band XP decay scale

Head over to the Harmonix blog entry for the full rundown of what was covered in the live stream and the Rock Band subreddit post for further details on these upcoming changes.