Three central characters with different themes.

PlayStation 4-exclusive Detroit: Become Human is a narrative-driven adventure game from Quantic Dream and with about a month to go until its release, studio co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière has given fans an insight into the concept behind the game’s soundtrack.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog, de Fondaumière spoke about the game’s central characters and how although they are all droids, Connor, Kara, and Markus each have different backgrounds and places in society.

It was decided to enlist three composers to produce distinctive themes that would complement the protagonists and their story.

“To stress Connor’s very cold and mechanical behavior, we chose a primarily electronic soundtrack. For Kara, we wanted a music that would be emotional and moving, underlining her quest for identity, love and empathy. For Markus, we needed a soundtrack that would be epic and represent the grand aspect of his journey.”

Nima Fakhrara – Connor (main theme):

Philip Sheppard – Kara (main theme)

John Paesano – Markus (main theme)

For a limited time, customers can get the Collector’s Edition Soundtrack when pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game.

Detroit: Become Human releases worldwide on 25th May.