A limited, double-vinyl release.

The soundtrack to the 2018 sci-fi, adventure game Detroit: Become Human can now be ordered on vinyl.

Detroit: Become Human is scored by a team of three composers in John Paesano (of Mass Effect: Andromeda and Marvel’s Spider-Man), Nima Fakhrara (of 1979 Revolution: Black Friday and Fire Escape: An Interactive VR Series), and Philip Sheppard (of Chosen and I’ll Be Gone in the Dark), each focusing on the soundtrack to one of three central characters in the game.

The game’s soundtrack has been pressed on two vinyl discs and comprises 26 select tracks of music; this is a limited release and can now be ordered from the Quantic Dream online store.

The digital soundtrack is already available for purchase and streaming from major digital outlets.

Detroit: Become Human is developed by Quantic Dream – the studio that made Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls – and available for PlayStation 4 and Windows.