A new video with a new arrangement.

London indie folk band Daughter have released a new video in which vocalist Elena Tonra is joined by a string and vocal quartet as they perform a version of “All I Wanted.”

The original song is taken from the 2017 album Music from Before the Storm, which serves as the soundtrack to Deck Nine‘s episodic adventure game, Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

In this version, arranged by Josephine Stephenson, Tonra is joined by a string quartet and an all-female vocal quartet as director Simon Lane glides us through the rendition in a single-shot.

String Quartet:
Meghan Cassidy – viola
Eloisa-Fleur Thom – violin
Max Ruisi – cello
Gregor Riddell – cello

Vocal Quartet:
Ana Silvera
Kate Huggett
Lucy Parnell
Josephine Stephenson