Prices range from €14-€90.

The soundtrack to the 2016 horror-themed first-person shooter Doom, a reboot of the 1993 original, is already available to purchase digitally and stream on Spotify. Fans of the music will be interested to know that the soundtrack is now available to buy in physical formats too.

If you prefer to buy physical releases of music, or if you’re simply a collector, head over to the Laced Records website where you can choose from four different editions.

  • DOOM (Deluxe Double CD)
    Full DOOM soundtrack (31 tracks)
    Double CD
    Deluxe triple gatefold sleeve
  • DOOM (Deluxe Double Vinyl)
    20 tracks selected by the DOOM team
    2x 180g red vinyl
    Deluxe sleeve
    Full printed inner sleeves
  • DOOM (Special Edition X4 Vinyl Boxset)
    Full DOOM soundtrack (31 tracks)
    4x 180g black vinyl
    Deluxe double hard-slipcase
    4x full printed deluxe inner spined sleeves
  • DOOM (Special Limited Edition X4 Vinyl Boxset/Slipmat/Double CD Bundle)
    Full DOOM soundtrack (31 tracks)
    4x 180g red vinyl
    Deluxe double hard-slipcase
    4x full printed deluxe inner spined sleeves
    Custom DOOM turntable slipmat
    Double CD including full soundtrack in Deluxe triple gatefold sleeve

The special limited edition bundle is only available to pre-order until 2nd May (midnight UK time) after which only the special edition boxset, double vinyl, and double CD variations will be available to purchase. Orders are estimated to be shipped in July.

At The Game Awards 2016, Doom was the winner of two categories: Best Music/Sound Design, and Best Action Game. The game’s composer, Mick Gordon, was joined on stage by Matt Halpern of Periphery, and Sascha Dikiciyan (known professionally as Sonic Mayhem), and together they performed a selection of tracks much to the enjoyment of the crowd.