The collector’s edition of MindSeize and standalone soundtrack CD are limited to 1,000 and 350 copies, respectively.

Publisher First Press Games has announced that story-driven metroidvania game MindSeize will be getting a physical release on Nintendo Switch in Q4 2021.

In MindSeize, players take on the role of M.C. Fox, a private investigator whose daughter has had her mind seized by a criminal organisation called The Ascended. A confrontation between Fox and the leader of the organisation has left the former seriously injured, resorting to linking his consciousness to a mechanical body in order to resume the interplanetary chase.

The game’s electronica soundtrack, composed by Adam Al-Sawad (of music and audio production company Kalla Audioworks), will be released as a standalone CD containing 22 tracks of synthwave and ambient music.

This CD release is limited to 350 copies and includes a Japanese-style obi strip, 12-page booklet with liner notes, and a premium jewel case. The album cover is reversible, with the English cover on one side and the Japanese one on the other.

The soundtrack to MindSeize is already available from digital platforms including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Deezer, iTunes, Spotify, and TIDAL.

First Press Games will also be releasing regular English and Japanese editions of the game along with a limited collector’s edition.

Image credit: First Press Games.

The collector’s edition is limited to 1,000 copies and comes with the game (which includes a 60-page manual and slipcase cover), hardcover art book and game guide, double-sided A2 poster, clearfiles, gold-coloured coin, and a premium box with an item tray.

Pre-orders for this range of MindSeize releases will be available from the First Press Games online store at 15:00 CEST (14:00 BST) on 12th June. (The items are currently marked “not in stock” but once the pre-orders go live, they will be available.)

Those who pre-order the game between 12th June and 18th July will receive a bronze-coloured coin as a bonus item.

MindSeize is developed by Kamina Dimension and available for Nintendo Switch and Windows.