Pre-orders available now from Ship to Shore PhonoCo.

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. has announced that the soundtrack to side-scrolling, aerial combat shooter Jet Lancer is releasing on vinyl and that pre-orders are available now.

The soundtrack to Jet Lancer is predominantly a mixture of synths and guitar riffs, composed by music and sound design duo Fat Bard (Akash: Part of the Five, Max Gentleman Sexy Business!, and MageQuit).

This vinyl release comprises the full 14-track soundtrack and is pressed on a blue coloured disc. Pre-orders are available now from the Ship to Shore PhonoCo. online store with shipping in May.

Jet Lancer’s soundtrack is already available from digital platforms including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Deezer, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music.

Jet Lancer is developed by Code Wakers and available for Nintendo Switch, macOS, and Windows.